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Source: Misadventure Vodka

New Distillery Turns Food Waste Into Vodka

By Tessa Love

Want to drink responsibly? Good news: A new distillery is turning food waste into vodka, so you can have your cake and drink it, too. After discovering that the sugars in almost-stale bread, bagels, and cakes that would otherwise end up in the landfill could be distilled into vodka, Sam Chereskin and Whit Rigali founded Misadventure Vodka, which makes all its liquor from discarded starches. The southern California distillery collects up to 1,200 pounds of aging bakery products from the local food bank each week, fighting food waste while producing the liquor they now supply to bars, restaurants, and retailers throughout California. 

"We wanted to use the excess food, remove it from the waste stream and make something that tastes good," Chereskin told NPR. And as Rigali added: "Once food is labeled as waste, there tends to be a bias about it. We want to change the perception."

Each bottle of Misadventure Vodka takes two pounds of food waste to produce, sourced from local food bank Jacobs and Cushman San Diego. The discarded baked goods that aren't suitable for the food bank's patrons are instead given to Misadventure.