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Source: saltyseattle/Instagram

How This Pasta Maker Uses Vegetables To Keep Her Pasta Sustainable

By Desirée Kaplan

Pasta maker Linda Miller Nicholson is a growing innovator in the foodie world. Her colorful Instagram account, Salty Seattle, boasts nearly 100,000 followers, all eagerly waiting to see her newest creation. Nicolson’s claim to fame has been her artistic pasta that is both widely colorful and healthy. Her passion for pasta first took root when she was four years old and her German grandparents would teach her how to make egg noodles from scratch. She later had to learn how to fend for herself in the kitchen when she decided to be a vegetarian at young age. 

As an adult, Nicholson learned to prepare traditional Italian pasta while living in Italy with her husband but it wasn't until she had her son that she discovered the extent of her skills and creativity. Many kids don’t like to eat their vegetables and Nicholson’s son was no different. She decided to blend spinach into the pasta’s dough and her son loved eating the colorful noodles. She started posting photos of her creations on her food blog and the world has been mesmerized ever since.   

Probably one of the most surprising things about Nicholson’s impressive skills is that she was in fact never formally trained as a chef. For that matter, she’s didn't go to school for art, either. With an English major under her belt, she took her creativity with new heights and now hopes to show others that with a little bit of love and patience, it is possible to be a great cook without a degree in the culinary arts. When she's not making colorful pastas at home, Nicholson teaches a variety of cooking classes in her hometown of Seattle.