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Source: Mariya Tyutina/Pexels

8 Healthy Foods To Help Curb Your Sugar Addiction

By Nicole Caldwell

Just when you think you’re totally over processed foods and sugars, you eat one little bite of milk chocolate and all that clean eating goes directly out the window. For the next week, you can’t stay away from candy bars at checkout counter lines, and you’ve ripped your apartment apart looking for every box of Girl Scout cookies you strategically hid from yourself last spring. It's OK to admit it: We’ve all been there.

Anyone who’s struggled with sugar will tell you that at a certain point, the random cravings and ongoing sense of being a bottomless pit of hunger subside. That’s because sugar’s addictive—and we have to physically cleanse it from our bodies in order to move along from it. Luckily for us, there are plenty of foods to get us over the hump.


Berries are naturally sweet and insanely good for you. No matter which berry you choose, you’re filling up on antioxidants vitamins and nutrition that will boost weight loss and reduce the effects of aging. As you move further away from sugars in processed foods and sweets, you’ll realize just how much sweetness there is in a strawberry or fresh nectarine. And you can tear through a bag of beautiful cherries without feeling an ounce of guilt—or a bit of hangriness later on. Use berries in smoothies or as frozen treats so you have a go-to that isn’t a soda or ice cream bar.