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The OGarden Is A Miniature Farm You Can Cultivate In Your Living Room

By Aimee Lutkin

If you have room in your apartment for an extra end table, you might want to consider replacing it with the OGarden, a small rotating farm that promises to grow hundreds of vegetables each month.

The circular wheel on top turns to create the optimal environment for growing small plants and herbs, directing them evenly towards the light at the center. The wheel contains tubes which are filled with organic soil, then planted with seedlings. Below that is a small cabinet for all your OGarden needs, and it's also a space for the seeds to grow until they are large enough to be transplanted into the tubes.

It's compact, efficient and also hypnotizing to watch spin:

The website offers details about the efficiency and sustainability of the OGarden in an ordinary household, saying that over time the cost of vegetables is about 30 cents per plant, and that using your OGarden will produce 98% less pollution than conventional agriculture.

The soil is organic, and growing indoors will probably limit the number of pests attracted to your secret garden, which means pesticides and fertilizers will most likely be unnecessary. It should be noted that the majority of the seeds being sold belong to lettuce and herbs, perhaps because growing something as meaty as a zucchini would overtax the OGarden's capabilities. A watermelon or potato plant would get pretty banged up in there.