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5 Organic Alcohol Brands You Can Feel Good About Supporting


Searching for something to sip by the water this summer? If so, it's possible you've noticed that most alcoholic beverages don't list ingredients on their labels. While most foods and beverages are required to do so in the U.S., alcohol companies are overseen by a different governing body than regular food, which means that they are held to different standards. This is all well and good unless you're a health-conscious person, or a person concerned about the environment (or both). 

Not having an ingredients list can make picking the right drink very tricky. Who wants wine that was made from grapes sprayed with harsh pesticides that can harm bees and other parts of the environment, or beer infused with artificial flavorings and colors? And how do you avoid such beverages, without being able to see an ingredient list?

The best way to do so may be to buy organic. Yes, organic alcohol exists, and in order to be certified organic, alcohol must meet all the same environmental and health standards that regular organic foods are held to. If this sounds like just the cocktail you've been hoping for, then take a sip of these 5 organic alcoholic beverages this summer. 

1. Roule Rouge Organic Red Table Wine

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This USDA Certified Organic table wine is sweet, inexpensive, and fruity enough to be perfect for summer. According to a review from Clever Girl Reviews, Roule Rouge is made from Merlot grapes from California's central coast, and its scent "gives raspberry, cherry, blackberry, and cola aromas." She describes the taste as similar to "juice," which follows up with a rush of espresso, baking spices, and light oak.

For so much complexity, you can't beat the price, which averages around $7 per bottle. This wine is available at various online outlets, as well as Trader Joe's grocery stores.