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Source: inmemo

UK Consumers Throw Away 1.4 Million Bananas Every Day, New Study Finds

By Nicole Caldwell

The amount of perfectly good, edible food that gets tossed into dumpsters every day is literally bananas. People in industrialized countries like the United States waste about as much food in a year as is produced in sub-Saharan Africa. And now, we have research that zooms in on a single fruit to show just how wasteful people are really being: the banana.

Sainsbury’s, a chain supermarket in the United Kingdom, has released a new study that finds that the country’s residents put 1.4 million bananas still ripe for eating into the trash every single day. The study, reported on by Inhabitat, was assembled by a charity called WRAP that works with governments, businesses, and communities to improve resource efficiency.

In spite of corporate chain markets, grocery stores, and even food banks taking measures to reduce food waste, those efforts don’t necessarily reach consumers. The study discovered that people are likely to put a banana in the garbage even if it is just minimally bruised, has green on the skin, or has another cosmetic blemish.