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Source: pexels

This Easy Essential Oil Blend Is The Perfect DIY Summer Bug Spray

By Susanna Kohn

Nobody likes getting bug bites, so it is tempting to spray insect repellent generously to protect our kids, who often seem the most susceptible to bites. (I always tell them it’s because they’re the sweetest, but this doesn’t take away the itch!) However, many of the conventional bug repellents contain chemicals that are harmful for your family, and the environment. 

Using an all-natural alternative gets rid of the risk of side effects from using hazardous chemicals. Here is a recipe using essential oils that is quick to make and inexpensive. And you can swap out different oils depending on the type of bugs you want to repel and which odors you prefer. Not only will these oils repel pesky insects without the use of harmful chemicals, they smell good too!

Since essential oils are unregulated, it is important to note that all oils are not created equal. Many essential oils, even ones you buy at the health food store, can be mixed with added fillers, synthetic ingredients, or harmful contaminants. Take some time to research and find companies that are doing their own independent testing, and look for labels that clearly state the ingredients. They should be 100% pure liquid extracts from plants with no additional processing, preservatives, or additives.