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Source: Global Climate Action Summit

Global Climate Action Summit Will Highlight Eco Solutions

By Kristin Hunt

Environmental leaders are set to convene in California next month for a Global Climate Action Summit celebrating achievements in sustainability — and hopefully, laying the groundwork for new ones. This will be the convention’s inaugural meeting, and for its launch, it’s landed speakers ranging from Al Gore to Jane Goodall to discuss ecological solutions.

The Global Climate Summit will take place at the Moscone Center in San Francisco between September 12 and 14. This meeting has been in the works for a while, initially announced last summer at the Global Citizens Festival in Hamburg, Germany, through a video message from California Governor Jerry Brown. 

“Come join us: entrepreneurs, singers, musicians, mathematicians, professors, students,” he says in the video. “We need people who represent the whole world, because this is about the whole world and the people who live here. We have to do something, and we can do it.”