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Source: Getty

A New Bootcamp Gives Young People The Power To Fight Plastic Pollution

By Koty Neelis

The planet has a plastic pollution problem that only continues to grow every day—but luckily, so is public awareness. Thanks to more consumers putting their money where their values are and popular social media campaigns by influential public figures advocating to protect the oceans and ban straws in major cities, more people are realizing the impact of single use plastics.

And one new bootcamp in New Orleans aims to reach young people passionate about the planet by giving them the power to fight against plastic pollution. Designed for youth leaders between 11 and 18, the Ocean Heroes Bootcamp brings young people together to gain scientific knowledge, leadership skills, and development tools for creating effective campaigns to reduce plastic.

Supported by ten environmental organizations that have committed to reducing plastic, this year's group gathered in June where their campaigns were delivered to world leaders at the 2018 G7 Summit in Canada