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Source: thredUP

This Company Is Refashioning Old T-Shirts To Fight Climate Change Denial

By Tessa Love

"Climate change isn't real." It's a phrase many people are used to hearing in these divided times, but beyond citing studies and getting into a heated discussion, it's hard to find a good way to debunk the myth. How do you engage with this line of thinking in a creative way that also offers solutions?

Clothing resale site thredUP has done just that. The company has partnered with 12 artists —from a New Yorker cartoonist to a meme creator — to transform a collection of used T-shirts into eco-action with the launch of its re:made Collection. Each artist was asked to react to the statement "Climate change isn't real" in a creative way, and the diverse retorts were printed on 1,000 secondhand T-shirts. They're now available through thredUP in celebration of Earth Day. 

Source: thredup