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Source: snapwire/pexels

'Angry Birds' Creator Wants To Build Undersea Tunnel To Connect Cities

By Brian Spaen

Peter Vesterbacka may not be a household name, but many of us are familiar with the hit mobile game he helped create, Angry Birds. After taking the world by storm with a puzzle game that involved launching various birds to eliminate green pigs, he’s looking at an entirely new industry: quick travel. He’s looking to build underground tunnels that connects two Nordic countries.

Vesterbacka was the former chief marketing officer of Rovio Entertainment, the studio that brought us Angry Birds back in 2009. He left the company to pursue startup dreams in 2016, which ended up being a new game development studio in Finland called Lightneer. He would be marketing a new Pokemon Go-style education game called Big Bang Legends.

Shortly before leaving Rovio, Vesterbacka had the idea of a much different line of work -- building a tunnel between the capital cities of Finland and Estonia. At the moment, it takes roughly two hours to travel between the cities by ferry. With that travel time drastically shortened, Vesterbacka has the ultimate vision to create a “Nordic Silicon Valley” by fusing the Helsinki and Tallinn cities.