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Source: Heroic Food

This New Program Gives Veterans A Fresh Start With Sustainable Farming

By Aimee Lutkin

Heroic Farms is a non-profit organization that trains military veterans in what they need to know to be sustainable farmers at their growing facility in upstate New York. Their founder, Leora Barish, grew up in an army family herself. Her father was a chaplain who was injured in the field, and went blind. Barish ended up caring for him and helping him navigate the VA and post-army life. Her experience working with veterans and veteran programs left her wondering if there was a gap she could fill. her observation was that for many people adjusting to civilian society, being indoors and looking for regular work was a serious challenge.

She decided to see if  there was a program that combined her other interest, sustainable agriculture, with the needs of vets. There wasn't, so she started one. Heroic Foods was born. In an engaging interview with Inhabitat, Barish explains why she knew right away that farming and veterans would be a great fit.

“To be a good farmer, you have to be really good at a lot of things,” said Barish. “What [people] don’t realize is that veterans are great for farms and farming and for our food supply because they have a work ethic like nobody’s business and they have the endurance and they have the mission drive and grit and everything else that are required to start a farm.”