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Source: Pixabay/Pexels

Popular NYC Beach Boardwalk Gets Storm-Resistant Makeover


When superstorm Sandy hit the New York City region in 2012, it brought with it unimaginable destruction. In the process, it demolished Rockaway Beach’s longstanding boardwalk and the homes near it. Rockaway Beach can be found just an hour south of Manhattan on a narrow, 10 mile peninsula in Queens. Apart from physical damage, Hurricane Sandy took many lives with it, and most of the deaths in the area happened as people were drowned by the surge.  

The cost to rebuild the boardwalk and essentially the identity of the community was particularly high because the hurricane destroyed the entire boardwalk and the city had to completely rebuild the area. With the price tag of $70 million per mile, the reconstructing project was a pricey endeavor. Almost five years after the storm, the boardwalk has now been completed and the final bill came out to $340 million. A good amount of that was paid by federal taxpayers as some of it came from the Sandy relief funding which was authorized by Congress.