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Source: Youtube

A Man Planted A Tree Every Day For 37 Years And Grew A Beautiful Oasis

By Aimee Lutkin

Jadav Payeng is the subject of a short documentary called Forest Man, and when you read his story you'll understand why. Payeng is basically the living embodiment of the philosophy that one person can make a difference, and the difference he's made is incredibly inspiring: since 1979, Payeng has been planting a tree everyday on the barren sandbar island in the Brahmaputra river. In that time, he has built a forest reserve covering 1,360 acres, which is now the home to wild animals, birds, and plants that before withered and died on the sandbank.

Payeng first began planting trees after coming across several dozen dead snakes on the island's shore that had perished in the sun. They were washed ashore in a flood, but had nowhere to hide and recover. Deforestation from local builders had decimated growth in the area. To begin with, Payeng planted 20 bamboo shoots on the island, but soon began to work with the social forestry division who were developing a similar project nearby. Payeng stayed back five years later after the project was deemed complete, and continued to develop it, taking the responsibility for planting more trees and tending the ones already there.