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Source: CU2030

The World's Largest Parking Lot For Bikes Is Opening In The Netherlands

By Aimee Lutkin

Cities are adjusting to the demands of cyclists who want to make commuting into an act that doesn't create a carbon footprint by burning fuel, and gives them some good exercise to boot.

The Netherlands is a cyclist's utopia, so the news that Utrecht was opening a bike parking garage that would become the biggest in the world isn't too surprising. However, The Guardian reports that a lot of people are unhappy with the facility's plan to expand it's 6,000 bike parking spots by the end of the year to 12,500. They don't think it's enough!

A Dutch cycling organization called Fietsersbond is arguing that the number of cyclists making their way into Utrecht every day has grown annually for some time, and is up 3% from five years ago. Spokesman Martijn van Es told The Guardian that the expansion is "complacency" rather foresight.