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Source: Unsplash/Pexels

7 Easy Ways To Bring Sustainability To College Campuses

By Marissa Higgins

No matter your age, it's likely we all know someone who is in college, if we're not in school ourselves. Colleges host the future of our world: Bright minds that have the potential to literally change the direction our society moves towards. That's why it's so important that college students become passionate and informed about our environment and sustainability. Of course, depending on a student's individual interests, these might not seem like the most exciting topics. 

So, how do we get college students excited about taking care of our planet? Check out the seven tips below, and consider integrating them into your college student's life. 

And if you're a student yourself, remember: You have a legitimate voice on your campus, so you should advocate to see the changes you want to be made actually happen. Reaching out to your student government is a great way to do this, as is connecting with professors and faculty at your university. If you lead, other students are bound to follow.

1. Make recycling a dorm-wide competition.

Source: Unsplash/Pexels