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New Smart Air Suspension Feature Coming To Tesla Model 3

Tesla’s electric cars are equipped with a ton of exciting new features, and one that's catching a lot of attention is the “Smart Air Suspension.” As of now, it’s become a standard on Model S and Model X. What does it do? In short, it gives the driver the ability to move the vehicle up or down where it’s needed, either manually or automatically. It looks like that option will also be added to future Model 3 units.

IGN editor Ryan McCaffrey asked Elon Musk over Twitter if the “Smart Air Suspension” option was coming out for the Model 3 in the future. Musk responded that it would be “in about six months or so” and it’s “linked to dual motor config.”

There’s many reasons why somebody would want to take advantage of the air suspension option. It provides more control and comfort when having to go up steep paths, driving across speed bumps, and needing to power through deep snow by lifting the vehicle. It can also go lower when there’s a need to help passengers get in and out, making it accessible to those with physical disabilities, or for moving cargo into the car.

Four options are available for the air suspension feature: very high, high, standard, and low. The vehicle automatically goes to a lower setting based on how fast the car is going. For example, when the speed hits 34 miles per hour, the suspension drops from “high” to “normal.” Once the vehicle learns where you’d like the car to be set at, it will automatically adjust based on location. That means it would jump up every time it needs to be parked in a steep driveway.


Since Musk indicated that it’s linked together with the “dual motor config,” that means those wanting the “Smart Air Suspension” feature will need to opt for the Model 3 that features the dual motor. This goes into production in Spring 2018. As potential customers should expect, this won’t be on the base model of the Model 3 for $35,000.

Prior to the option being standard, Tesla sold the upgrade for $2,500. It’s certainly not an absolute necessity, but those that have experienced it can tell the difference between it and coils, which is what’s commonly found in cars today. 

Ultimately, it’s a luxury feature. For now, we know that the option will be part of Model 3’s upgrade packages, and we're definitely excited to see what else Tesla has in store.

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