This Solar-Powered Prefab House Can Be Installed In A Single Day

5 months ago

M.A.DI. is a company that produces A-Frame houses that can be set up more or less anywhere with a firm ground. Stupid Dope reports that they've tapped into the popularity of sustainable living, and made it far cheaper and quicker to actually live in a house that aligns with your principals.

A M.A.DI. house can be installed in a single day, and it doesn't require a foundation. Yet their shape makes them earthquake-resistant. They can be lived in permanently, or used for temporary installations, like exhibits, fairs, or in emergencies, like for disaster relief.

The lack of foundation also means that if you want to fold you M.A.DI. up and take it away, the soil beneath is 100 percent recoverable, according to their website. It can also be easily stored in a warehouse until it's time to break out those A-Frames again.

A basic M.A.DI. is rated an energy class B, but can be fairly easily upgraded. The company offers the option of adding solar panels and making the structures energy independent.

The modules also comes in five different sizes, with the smallest version starting at € 28,000.00. This includes a staircase to the upper floor, a kitchen connection, and bathroom facilities—including a bidet, of course.

That price includes installation, but only if you're within 200 km of M.A.DI.'s makers. So, maybe this is a sign you should finally set up a tiny, sustainable pasta shop in Italy?

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