This Vegan Butcher Shop's Food Truck Is Hitting The Road

3 weeks ago

The Herbivorous Butcher is a Minneapolis-based company that sells vegan meat and products in a "butcher" shop. According to Veg News, the shop was founded by siblings Aubry and Kale Walch in 2016, and has been really popular at food events and fairs. But not everyone who discovers them out in the world can make it to the shop. So they've decided to debut their own food truck.

The Herbivorous Butcher Food Truck will be rolling out this summer, with food from chef John Stockman. It will offer all the shop's biggest hit sandwiches, like "fried-chicken" sandwiches and barbecue sliders made from oyster mushrooms, plus other popular menu items like their "bacon-ranch" macaroni and cheese and rice and beans. But they also want to develop items they don't have the space to sell in their shop.

“We're limited with what we can offer in the shop, so a food truck is a fun, different way to showcase our food,” explained Aubry. The truck plans to offer berbere-braised greens and sweet-potato fries served with one of three sauces: ranch, curry ketchup, or chipotle barbecue sauce

She added, “The Twin Cities is showing us that they have a desire for more plant-based options, as more and more plant-based food options are popping up, and this will help expose our food to a different audience who may not come to the shop otherwise.” 

But if you can, check out the shop. They serve "meat cuts" of every kind, but all vegan:

They even make an effort to display their wares in classic butcher fashion:

But the sandwiches look absolutely mouth-watering:

The truck is supposed to make its debut on June 5, if all the permits work out. Of course, you'll still need to be within truck driving distance of Minneapolis—or go to Coachella, where the team will be serving vegan burritos. If you're gonna road trip, make it an experience!

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