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Source: Wikicommons

Zoos Release Critically Endangered Dusky Gopher Frogs Into The Wild

By Kristin Hunt

The dusky gopher frog is one of the most vulnerable creatures in the world. Conservationists estimate there are less than 135 adults left in the wild, making the frogs a critically endangered species. But these prickly amphibians might be poised for a comeback, as multiple zoos recently banded together to release around 300 frogs into the wild.

The zoo-bred frogs were released along the Ward Bayou Wildlife Management Area in Mississippi this month. According to a press release, the Detroit Zoo contributed 25 dusky gopher frogs, while zoos from Omaha, Memphis, and Dallas pooled the rest. The amphibians all have ID trackers, so the zookeepers can keep tabs on their whereabouts — and survival.

The Detroit Zoo posted footage of the frogs checking out their new habitat on Facebook late last week, and they seemed to be acclimating just fine to the tall grasses and mossy waters.