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Source: Wikicommons

Endangered Water Voles Are Making A Comeback In The UK

By Kristin Hunt

The water vole has been struggling to survive in Great Britain. They are currently considered one of the UK’s most endangered animals, with 94 percent of the local population disappearing in recent years. But there’s good news for this rodent: 150 of them are returning to the Holnicote Estate, a national park that lies along River Aller in Somerset.

According to The Guardian, a team of park rangers and volunteers will monitor the water voles to keep an eye on their numbers and behavior. This should be a relatively simple task, since water voles roam during the day.

The National Trust is releasing the first 150 water voles gradually into the estate this week, in either breeding pairs or groups of siblings. After the voles acclimate to the grounds, the National Trust will release another 150 in the spring.