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Source: Ethan Gelber

Oak Hammock Marsh Interpretive Center

For 25 Years, Oak Hammock Marsh Has Put Nature Right At Hand – And In It

By Ethan Gelber

Located about 12 miles north of Winnipeg, Manitoba, the surviving 14 square miles of Oak Hammock Marsh, a prairie wetland surrounded by woods and grassland, are all that remains of what was originally approximately 180 square miles of swampy runoff from Lake Winnipeg.

Size, however, is not always everything, especially when the current extent of the marsh is the result of successful efforts to restore a wildlife management area where, in the early 1960s, all but one quarter of a square mile of land had been drained. Fortunately, by 1967, wildlife conservation organizations and the governments of both Manitoba and Canada had flagged the marginal agricultural land for recovery, since it was sited along an important bird migratory route and suitable for wildlife.

Source: Ethan Gelber

The Floating Boardwalk in front of the Oak Hammock Marsh Interpretive Center