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Source: Whitepod Hotel

Luxury Resort Offers Guests Eco-Friendly Pods In The Swiss Alps


Nestled in the mountains of Switzerland, you can find 15 igloo-like pods dotted along a mountainside about 4,500 feet above sea level. These little domes are apart of Whitepod Hotel, an eco-friendly luxury resort. About an hour from Geneva airport, this unique hotel and restaurant can be found within the Les Cerniers village. While each pod is different inside, they are all created with sustainable practices as a priority, and encourage guests to experience the Swiss Alps in a way they never have before.

So what makes this destination so eco-friendly? Each pod was designed to combine ecotourism and luxury, starting with the geometric shape of the pods. Each geodesic dome consists of a network of triangles that help support the frame work. As a result, the amount of material needed is minimal. The pods were also created to be energy efficient. Ambient airflow inside each dome helps keep energy levels low so the pods require about 30 percent less energy than typical structures.