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Source: Kelly Sullivan/Getty Images for Lyft

Lyft Now Allows Riders to Summon Electric Cars, Making Ride-Hailing A Little More Eco-Friendly


While taking a private car or ride share service isn’t quite as eco-friendly as catching a bus or a train, environmentalists will be happy to know that one ride-hailing service is making important steps to reduce its carbon footprint. Lyft just announced a new feature called Green Mode, in which passengers can request to be picked up in electric or hybrid cars. According to a blog post on Lyft's website, the option went live yesterday, Wednesday, Feb. 6. 

At the moment, Green Mode is only available to riders in Seattle. However, Lyft will most likely roll the feature out across other cities in the near future, considering their Green Cities Initiative to make all of their rides carbon neutral. As explained in the blog post, Lyft plans to add thousands of electric cars to its fleet, and over time, make the Green Mode option readily available to riders.