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Source: Unsplash

New Scientific Breakthrough Shows Plastic Waste Could Fuel Cars In The Future

By Koty Neelis

Plastic waste may soon prove to be something more than an eye sore and an environmental hazard. Scientists at Swansea University discovered a way to convert plastic waste into hydrogen fuel that could one day power cars. It involves adding a light-absorbing material to plastic, placing it in a solution, and exposing it to sunlight.

According to the research, the process could also be a cheaper alternative to recycling as the plastic does not need to be cleaned first.

“There’s a lot of plastic used every year – billions of tonnes – and only a fraction of it is being recycled. We are trying to find a use for what is not being recycled," said Dr Moritz Kuehnel, head of Swansea University's chemistry department, in an interview with The Independent on the breakthrough.