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Source: stocksnap

Organic Valley Makes Commitment To Use 100% Renewable Energy

By Desirée Kaplan

According to the United States Energy Information Administration, agricultural activity requires a huge amount of energy consumption. Farms tend to use diesel or propane to work the land, while indirect actions like manufacturing pesticides also take up significant energy. As a result, the farming industry can have a substantial carbon footprint.

Organic Valley, the largest organization of organic farmers in the United States, has recently stepped up to lessen the impact of farming and created a plan to source 100 percent renewable energy. The company will harness solar energy to hit their new goal, and in the process, they’ll become the world’s largest food company to run entirely on renewable energy. 

Organic Valley was established in 1988 and operates on a farmer-owned cooperative business model. Since the beginning, the organization was built to help family-run farms survive and produces organic food like milk and eggs. Today, Organic Valley works with 2,000 family farms which cover about 4,000 acres of organically farmed land. Through its goal to become carbon neutral, the company’s new energy target would have a widespread impact across the country with farms in 36 states.