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Minnesota House Bans Recreational Wolf Hunting Across the State


Minnesota may see wolf populations on the rise this year, as the state just voted to ban recreational wolf hunting. The ban just barely passed in the Minnesota House of Representatives, with the final vote being 66-65, Minnesota Public Radio reported. However, the ban has not yet become law, so Minnesotans will have to wait and see how things shake out.

The bill was introduced as part of an environmental financing bill, which also got enough votes to move forward on Tuesday, Minnesota Public Radio noted. Rep. Peter Fischer of the Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party, who introduced the bill, argued that wolves are too important to the Native American tribes of the state to let people hunt them recreationally — but that farmers would still be permitted to "protect their livestock," aka shoot wolves should they feel the animals are threatening the animals they use for meat. “This bill would still allow trapping of the wolves, it would also allow hunting of selected wolves that were causing issues within agriculture communities," Fischer told Minnesota Public Radio.