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Source: Biotrem/Twitter

Biodegradable Plates and Cutlery Made from Wheat Bran May Not Be Gluten-Free, But They Are Pretty Cool


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Wheat bran isn’t just for breakfast anymore. Poland-based company Biotrem is using the fibrous grain to make biodegradable, single-use, wheat bran-based plates, bowls, and cutlery. Biotrem has been around for a few years, but as Inhabitat reported, the company's products — which are actually edible — made a splash at the Green Living Show in Toronto over the weekend.

As explained on Biotrem’s website, the only ingredients in the company’s plates and bowls are wheat bran and water, which are fused together using high temperatures and by applying high pressure. No chemicals are used to make the plates and bowls. Biotrem makes standard round plates in three sizes, as well as a round bowl and an oval bowl. The company also offers custom orders of different-sized products and shapes with the option of custom branding. The plates and bowls are meant to be used once and then composted, because the longer you have food on them, the greater the chance that your food may start to smell a little like bran. Not the worst thing in the world, but perhaps enough of an incentive for your kids to eat their veggies.