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Source: foodrescueus.miami/Instagram

Super Bowl Donates 35,000 Pounds of Leftover Food to People in Need


The Super Bowl marks the end of the football season — meaning that after the Super Bowl each year, there's usually a lot of leftover food in the stadium. And this year, for the first time, volunteers made sure none of it went to waste. More than 35,000 pounds of leftover food from the Super Bowl were saved — and immediately donated to local shelters in Miami.

As reported by ESPN, the team behind the NFL's sustainability initiative NFL Green worked with catering company Centerplate and food donation organization Food Rescue US to make the donations happen. Food Rescue US has chapters all over the country that rescue food and ensure it is delivered to people in need that day, before it can spoil. Since 2011, Food Rescue US has diverted 50 million pounds of food from landfills by donating it to people who don't have enough to eat.