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Source: ISTOCK

Students in the Philippines Must Plant 10 Trees Before Graduating, Says New Law


The Philippines government recently passed a bill that will help green-ify the country in a pretty out-of-the-box way. The new law will require all elementary, high school, and college students to face a unique final exam: Plant at least 10 trees before they can graduate.

The law is called "Graduation Legacy for the Environment Act," and it was signed into law on May 15, CNN Philippines reported. And students won't be able to get away with picking up a pack of 10 seeds from the hardware store, tossing them into their backyard, and calling it a day. According to a press release on the Philippines House of Representatives' website, students will be required to plant trees in: forests, mangrove and protected areas, ancestral domains, civil and military reservations, urban areas scheduled for greening by the government, inactive or abandoned mines, and other approved areas. Students will be also be encouraged to plant indigenous species, or at least trees that are suitable to the area where they are planting.