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Source: istock

NASA Uses New "Green" Fuel to Successfully Power Satellite in Orbit


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NASA has been working on the Green Propellant Infusion Mission (GPIM) for years — and the organization's green fuel has finally passed an important test. NASA successfully used the green fuel to power a satellite while in orbit, meaning the sustainable, affordable, and low-toxicity propellant is one step closer to being used to fuel various satellites and aircrafts.

As explained on NASA's website, on Tuesday, June 25, the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket launched into space while carrying 24 satellites, as part of the GPIM. On Friday, July 5, one of the GPIM satellites that was launched into space on the rocket used the green fuel to fire all five of its thrusters (propulsive mechanisms that help spacecrafts move through space), successfully lowering its orbit, according to