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What Are the Benefits of Okra?


Okra is one of those foods that keeps popping up more and more. Now labeled as a "superfood," the African and South Asian flowering plant now joins the ranks of açaí, dark leafy greens like kale and Swiss chard, and green tea. Of course, the flower isn’t the thing that has people raving about okra’s nutritional benefits. It’s the plant’s seed pods (which are totally edible) that have people going nuts over the green (and sometimes red) fruit. 

Okra may not have always been a mainstay on restaurant menus or at the forefront of peoples’ minds, but if you’ve heard anything about how good okra can be for your health lately, then you know the pros of okra are definitely making up for its time out of the spotlight.

Keep reading to learn four of the many benefits of okra!