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French Beach Covered With Mangled Dolphin Corpses, As a Side Effect of the Fishing Industry


In the world of commercial fishing, the fish on your plate aren't the only casualties. All sorts of marine animals, including dolphins, whales, sea turtles, and sharks also get killed or injured by fishing nets during the trawling process, rendering them as "bycatch." And unfortunately, earlier this month, a pile of dead disfigured dolphins were found washed up on the shore of a French beach.

As reported by The Independent, the dolphins were discovered by the French chapter of Sea Shepherd, an international ocean conservation organization. Sea Shepherd shared a blog post on its website detailing the team's findings. At a beach along France’s Atlantic Coast, Sea Shepherd's on-shore team has came across more than one stockpile of mutilated dolphin corpses over the past few months. Since December, the team has found around 700 dead dolphins washed up on the beach. Sea Shepherd estimates that every year, at least 6,000 dolphins are killed along France's west coast, as bycatch from the fishing industry.