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Source: Pixabay

Minneapolis And St. Paul Are Going Greener With Help From Michael Bloomberg

By Kristin Hunt

The Twin Cities have done a lot to make the Midwest more sustainable. Minneapolis recently launched a Meatless Monday supper club to encourage plant-based dining, while both Minneapolis and St. Paul have made commitments to solar subscriptions over the past year. Now, the two cities are about to receive a reward for their hard work — and support to keep it going.

As Michael Bloomberg revealed last week, Minneapolis and St. Paul are two of the latest winners of the American Cities Climate Challenge, an initiative designed to boost urban hubs that are leading the way on environmental action.

The American Cities Climate Challenge is a two-year accelerator program that helps cities hit or exceed their carbon reduction goals. Run through Bloomberg Philanthropies, the challenge will ultimately assist 20 cities, though not all of the winners have been selected just yet.