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Source: SHJ Works

A Funky Looking Greenhouse Just Popped Up In Busy Copenhagen Intersection

By Koty Neelis

When you're wandering around a city you might see a lot of things on the way to your destination but one thing you usually don't find is a greenhouse in the middle of an intersection. If you're headed to Copenhagen soon though that could change. Danish architect Simon Hjermind Jensen of SHJWorks just unveiled a new project that puts a little dose of nature right in the middle of a busy area of the European city.

SHJWork's projects emerge from the desire to and interest in creating a link between people and places. Their projects are often temporary and small scale architecture. "Biotope," a self-watering greenhouse and sculptural pavilion in the shape of a shell, is an experiment with a microcosm of plants and insects at an exposed and harsh place in the city. "In Greek, bios means 'life' and topos means 'place.' The project addresses these two words and their content," Jensen said.

"Can feelings of sympathy towards objects or structures establish a stronger and more caring relationship to the place in which we live and inhabit?" is one of the questions he hopes to answer with the experiment in "living" architecture.