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Source: iStock

Why People Are Renting Goats To Graze Their Lawns

By Kristin Hunt

It’s hard to keep your backyard tidy and healthy without impacting the earth. Just consider the tools. Lawn mowers burn on fossil fuels, adding new carbon emissions to the atmosphere every time you push them across the grass. Then there are pesticides, which can wind up harming much more than the mites and weeds wreaking havoc on your land.

That’s why many are seeking out a more natural form of lawn care and management: goats. According to Forbes, goat rentals are becoming an increasingly popular service for homeowners and farmers looking to get their vegetation under control, with multiple companies now offering the service.

Goat rental, or goat grazing, businesses function about how you’d expect. Customers call in with a description of their land — the size, the terrain, and any other relevant specs. Then the goat rental service provides an estimate. Once the cost is settled, the two parties agree on a date of service. On that day, the goats arrive. They graze until the evening, then leave, possibly returning the next morning, depending on the size of the job. When their work is done, customers are left with a freshly manicured lawn, achieved without burning a single fossil fuel.