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Source: Melo Group

Residents Get Paid To Go Car-Free At This Miami Apartment Building


In many cities across the U.S., owning a car to get around is inevitable due to issues surrounding city planning, urban sprawl, and limited public transportation. Especially in Miami, Florida, a place known for being a driving city, it's not common for residents to be without a vehicle. Would you give up your car if it meant you could save $100 a month on rent? That's what one group of developers in Miami are hoping with a car-free initiative for residents.

Developed by the Melo Group, a new apartment building in Miami is trying to change residents reliance on motor vehicles by paying residents to ditch their car. When renters opt to live more eco-friendly and give up their parking spot they'll receive a $100 discount off their rent every month for the entirety of their lease with a total of $1200 savings for the year.