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Source: Pixabay

Costa Rica Plans To Eliminate Fossil Fuels By 2021

By Brian Spaen

Costa Rica has set a goal to become the first country to completely eliminate and ban fossil fuels. New president Carlos Alvarado made the announcement during his inauguration earlier this week. The transition is expected happen as early as 2021, though energy and sustainability researchers don’t believe it can happen as quickly.

For a long time, renewable energy accounts for 99 percent of the power generated in Costa Rica. 80 percent of that comes from hydropower while solar, wind, geothermal, and biomass make up the rest of it. Last year, the country set a new record of going 300 straight days exclusively using their renewable sources.

Carlos Alvarado, 38 years old, won the second round of the 48th presidential election on April 1st with 61 percent of the votes. He was sworn into office on May 8th and made the fossil fuel ban announcement after his victory. Alvarado was the Minister of Labor and Social Security back in 2016 and was also a journalist.