Source: Kristi Olberding

Announcing The Winners Of Our #WorkGreen Challenge



Three weeks ago, we joined forces with WeWork to launch our first-ever #WorkGreen Challenge in honor of Earth Day. That challenge was all about people showcasing their sustainable workplace practices, from reusable coffee cups to air-purifying desktop plants. On behalf of everyone at Green Matters and our friends at WeWork, we'd like to thank you for your participation and dedication to taking action!

We hope everyone's ideas (aggregated with the #WorkGreen hashtag) continue to inspire you to make your workspace more sustainable and eco-friendly. And now, on to our winners!

#WorkGreen Platinum Winners

The following three participants have won one-year We Memberships:

Source: Kristi Olberding

Gold Winners

The following five participants have won three-month WeWork Memberships:   

Silver Winners

Ten participants from one company have won one-month We Memberships:

Source: Kristi Olberding

WeWork Member Winners 

Thanks again for your continued support! We hope you'll continue to work green!

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