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Source: The North Face

The North Face Is Making Shirts From Recycled Bottles To Clean National Parks


The U.S. National Parks system deals with the same sort of litter issues as most public parks. On a regular basis, they collect trash left behind by visitors, which includes a considerable number of plastic bottles. Treehugger reports that the parks have partnered with clothing company The North Face in an attempt to put all this plastic waste to use.

The North Face announced the launch of their new line called Bottle Source, composed of T-shirts and tote bags made in part from recycled plastic bottles collected at Yosemite, Grand Teton, and the Great Smoky Mountains. They've already collected 160,000 pounds of plastic, and their director of sustainability, James Rogers, has declared Bottle Source "the next step in our materials innovation." 

Many companies are experimenting with new lines of production for their clothing lines, as the damage fast fashion does to our planet becomes better understood