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Source: Pixabay

Pearl Harbor Is Officially Getting A 20-Megawatt Solar Farm

By Brian Spaen

REC Solar, a subsidiary of Duke Energy, is constructing a 20-megawatt solar facility at Pearl Harbor, a U.S. Navy base, in Hawaii. The West Loch solar project will be owned and operated by the Hawaiian Electric Company and will become the cheapest renewable energy per kilowatt-hour in the state. It shows that the US military is becoming confident in alternatives to fossil fuel.

Earlier this week, the Navy and Hawaiian Electric hosted a ceremony at the Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, West Loch Annex. It’ll hold 80,760 panels and spread across 102 acres of land. With a life expectancy of 25 years, the farm will save customers $109 million and will reduce the need of 76,000 barrels of oil each year.

Duke Energy acquired REC Solar, a California-based solar electric manufacturer that’s building the new facility, last December. They had a majority stake in the company since 2015 and the full acquisition was only a matter of time. It’s a move that provides more solar options and better prices for Duke Energy’s customers.