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Source: pexels

Aldi Recognized As Top British Market For Sustainable Fish

By Brian Spaen

Aldi offers the most sustainable seafood when compared to other British supermarkets. A survey from the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) found that 79 percent of their stocked fish items were properly sourced. According to The Guardian, there’s also a 60 percent rise in supermarkets in general when offering sustainable fish.

MSC marks seafood that’s “certified sustainable” with a blue sticker and their trademark logo. This means that the fish was able to be traced back to the source and sustainable farming practices were used to catch them. Illegal fishing can take place when there’s overcatching, bycatching, or harmful methods that can affect their habitat.

Aldi has been one of the more progressive supermarkets when selling fish that’s been sustainably sourced in the past year. They surpassed Sainsbury’s, which had 225 MSC-certified products as of last February, representing around 76 percent of its seafood offerings. Rounding out the top five are Lidl (72%), Waitrose (67%), and the Co-op (61%).