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Source: pexels

Greece Is Campaigning To Remove Plastic Waste From Their Oceans


Most people are unaware of the serious plastic waste issue in Greece that threatens local marine life. According to The Washington Post, a huge part of the problem is that the local government keeps the beaches themselves clean, so tourists and citizens have the issue out of their minds. But it's still damaging the ecosystem under the sparkling blue waters. The Post spoke with volunteer diver George Sarelakos, who drags up garbage from the ocean floor.

“Most beaches are clean because they’re tidied up by municipalities. But the big problem is on the seabed. It’s is like a garbage dump,” Sarelakos said. 

He fished out old tires and bundles of rope in front of reporters, adding, “All this is death for sea life. It’s a problem that most people are totally unaware of."