This Kit Can Turn Your Standard Bike Electric In 30 Seconds

For those that don't want to spend money on an electric bike, EvoWheel provides another option. Front wheels of traditional bikes can be swapped out with an "e-wheel" that converts them into an electric bike.


May 22 2019, Updated 12:21 p.m. ET

If you have a bike at home, there’s a good chance it can be easily upgraded to an e-bike. How? Crowdfunding has begun on EvoWheel, an e-bike conversion kit that’s able to electrify nearly any normal bike in 30 seconds. In order to achieve this, the wheel can be fully customized and it provides various great features for travel.

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EvoWheel replaces the front wheel of a bike with the ability to fit six different sizes (various from 20 to 29 inches, 700c) and includes both rim and disc types of brakes. The self-named Singapore startup notes that over 95 percent of all bikes are compatible with the e-wheel, meaning that old bike in the garage can probably make the transition. 

There are three different models that will be created: City, Commute, and Touring. Range can reach up to 54 miles, but further distance requires more charging time (one hour for the 18-mile city model, three hours for the touring model). All of the wheels are between 14 to 16 pounds, with more weight as the range gets bigger.

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All e-wheels can be customized based on weight, bike size, and wheel size to make the transition seamless. There’s a dedicated iOS and Android mobile app that can help connect any device to the EvoWheel. This provides enhanced data like riding habits and customization features for the bike.

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Since taking a phone out while traveling is a bit dangerous, there’s an added display unit that can attach to the bike. This gives the rider the ability to check on various statistics such as speeds, power output, and how much battery is left. There are variations in measurements that can be chosen as the product is available worldwide.

Five different riding modes can be utilized through the EvoWheel. Obviously, there’s manual mode that turns it back into a normal bike. When electrified, there’s commute, leisure, exercise, and climbing modes. This provides specific needs for the rider whether they’re simply using it to travel downtown or looking to burn some calories.

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The EvoWheel connects to devices through Bluetooth, making it wireless with the exception of the charging device. With no cables, creators say it takes just 30 seconds to install the e-wheel into the bike and prove this in a demonstration video. Wheels are simply swapped and nuts are tightened.

EvoWheel has had a successful campaign with over 100 backers well surpassing their $35,000 goal. Retail prices are $349 for the City, $399 for the Commute, and $499 for the Touring, though limited early bird options are still available for the high and low-end models ($50 off). 

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