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Source: getty

Florida Panthers Center Sustainability With 'Green Month' March

By Brian Spaen

The National Hockey League’s Florida Panthers team is hosting numerous green initiatives through the month of March. Dubbed “Green Month,” each home game will provide more of a focus on recycling waste and giving education on how to go green. They’ll also be hosting their third annual “Panther Conservation Night” toward the end of the month.

March was selected as “Green Month” by the Panthers organization due to the amount of home games they play. Of the 17 total games they play, nine of them will be at home. Most of the home contests will be in the first half of the month -- from March 19th onward, just the game against the Arizona Coyotes on the 24th will be at BB&T Center.

That final home game will be when Panther Conservation Night takes place. Local conservation organizations will set up educational tables around the outer parts of the arena. During the game, there will be facts and promotions, and there will also be an opportunity for fans to contribute toward fundraisers.