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Source: Pixabay

DHL Teams With Filter Manufacturer To Release First 'Emission Neutral' Vehicle


Powering electric vehicles with renewable energy is better for the environment than opting for fossil fuels, but there’s more awful emissions they give off than just carbon dioxide. Particles from tires and brake systems can leak into the air, which limit them from being fully neutral. One delivery service is equipping their vehicles with filters to remove these particles in the air.

Announced back in April, Deutsche Post DHL was successfully able to add 5,000 electric vehicles to their fleet by the end of 2017. Created by a manufacturing subsidy, StreetScooter, these WORK and WORK L models have already showed signs of progress. Maintenance costs have been up to 80 percent lower and 16,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions have been saved when compared to traditional delivery vans.