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Source: Flickr

Evolution Of Self-Driving Industry Could Provide 'Free' Rides

By Brian Spaen

With fully autonomous vehicles coming in our future, focus has been placed on the technology involved and how safe traveling would be. With ride-hailing services facing less costs, these savings would be passed onto the consumer. If these prices fall enough, there would be the incentive for businesses to provide free rides, which could greatly alter how we go about our daily lives.

Many businesses would be affected if consumers relied more on ride-hailing services. The auto industry wouldn’t sell as many units directly to individuals, but would still need to provide enough for companies like Uber and Lyft to satisfy their customers. It’s anticipated that if we do end up relying more on these services, self-driving technology would make rides cheaper for everybody.

Judith Donath of The Atlantic kicks around the idea of free transportation with autonomous vehicles. Naturally, these rides from one place to the other would still come at some cost -- with advertisers throwing a couple of stops your way. For example, the vehicle could make a detour toward a downtown district to showcase restaurants and services or a realtor presents homes for sale.