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Source: Instagram

Solar Panel Manufacturer Launches Innovative 'Quantum Series'

By Brian Spaen

SolarTech Universal, a solar panel manufacturer in Florida, is planning to launch an enhanced photovoltaic system in the coming years. This new solar panel uses heterojunction technology and SmartWire hardware that reaches 24 percent efficiency. Their goal is to provide the highest level of efficiency and quality when traditional options continue to go down in price.

SmartWire hardware is the reimagination of busbars on the front side of a solar panel. Busbars are the metallic strips of conduction material that traditionally were in sets of three or four. Meyer Burger, a company specializing in semiconductor technology and who made the hardware, states it increases efficiency itself by six percent while keeping costs down with less silver being used.

A number of other manufacturers have been pursuing solar panels with a higher amount of busbars and manipulating how they’re placed. SolarTech Universal has been using the SmartWire technology to debut a 334.9-watt panel that featured an average of 23.5 efficiency with a maximum cell production of just over 24 percent. These heterojunction cells don’t have traditional busbars with SmartWire technology.