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Source: Pixabay

FuelCell Energy Creates Efficient Power Solution With Natural Gas

By Brian Spaen

Powerful hurricanes have always been the kryptonite of an electrical grid. Prior to the devastation in Puerto Rico, Hurricane Sandy and Katrina kept millions of people in the dark. To keep a massive power outage from happening again, one company in Connecticut has turned to natural gas that provides efficiency, reliability, and significantly less harm to the environment than diesel generators or coal.

Connecticut was one of the areas along the Northeast that felt the wrath of Hurricane Sandy back in 2012. The storm disconnected eight million people from the electrical grid and fuel distribution was greatly impacted. Among the many lessons learned from these natural disasters, the energy infrastructure was “hardened,” putting power lines underground and installing backup generators that were ready to fire on when needed.

FuelCell Energy, a company based in Connecticut, develops clean energy solutions with hydrogen power and large-scale fuel cell systems. They have millions of megawatts installed around three continents through their power plants. Locally, they have a generator with a capacity of 15 megawatts in Bridgeport.