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Source: Pixabay/Pexels

New Federal Credit Union Offers Better Loans For Green Energy

By Brian Spaen

There isn’t a lot of trust with between consumers and the federal government in terms of regulating clean energy. While it’s becoming cheaper to buy into it, many solutions still require financing that’s harder or more expensive than it should be. A new credit union with a single focus to benefit our environment will be giving out loans with additional opportunities to invest into sustainability.

The Clean Energy Federal Credit Union will be launching at the end of this year. In September, they received their federal charter and will be opening their main office in Boulder, Colorado. Their service is available in all 50 states, but there will be no branches in other locations. Instead, all of the banking will be done online.

Ultimately, the CECU wants to be a lender that makes it easier and more affordable to purchase clean energy solutions. These options could be installing solar panels on the roof, purchasing an electric vehicle, optimizing a home with efficient energy, and more. Better loan rates are provided thanks to lower overhead costs from being a mobile-only institution and their earnings are paid back to members, not stockholders like traditional banks.